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Overview of the Hydraulic Oil & Lubricant Oil

The Indian lubricant oil market is expected to index a total CAGR of bout 4.64% during the forecast period of about 2019 to 2024. The main factors that are driving the market growth are increasing production of vehicles alongside the increasing infrastructure and construction activities in metropolitan cities like Kolkata.

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The increasing drain intervals in reference to the industrial and automotive sectors and the modest impact of the electric vehicles in the coming future are preferably going to hinder the market growth. To overcome this, we need to also come out with environmentally friendly ideas that impact our industry less. And we can proudly say at our company we make it really crucial and necessary for our experts to consider the environment before coming out with an idea to attract consumers and grow the business.

20w40 Engine Oil in Kolkata

Lubricant oil in Kolkata and hydraulic oil suppliers in Kolkata

Eastern Petro Chem Enterprise presents the key market trends regarding the rising demand of the automotive industry:

  • Distributor of 20w40 Engine Oil India being the second-largest consumer of lubricant, and transformer oil the 3rd in the umbworld is the US after China. The country ranks 6th and 4th largest in the production of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, respectively.
  • As per India’s automotive industry accounts compressor oil for nearly 7.1% of the region’s GDP, where 2 wheeler segment reckons for a share of nearly 81%, considering the growing middle class and young population. Moreover, the initiative by the government like the campaigns Make in India is also assisting the state-owned and local manufacturers to supply their products to the consumers in order to offer rigid competition to the international companies.

Microcrystalline Wax in kolkata

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  • With the constant economic development at thermic fluid oil and rise in income levels, the industry of automobiles are witnessing a consistent shift in the preference of the vehicle from 2 wheeler to 4 wheelers, which in return are helping to augment the demand for the PCMO or passenger car motor oils.
  • Moreover, with companies being glued to entering the rural markets, in reference to their improvement, the industry operating automobile are expected to observe major future growth. Usually, a major chunk of share comes from the rural areas as the sale for a passenger vehicle is high there as they use it for both transporting passengers and goods.

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